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1 Ton Grip Package

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1 Ton Grip Package
Manufacturer's SKU:  CG-1ton
Product's SKU:  831

Take advantage of the savings on this great 1 ton grip package kit. Everything you need is in this industry standard package.

The One Ton Grip Package Includes:

seven C-Stands, one Short C-stand,

two Double Riser Combo Stands,

one Baby Offset Arm, two Baby Plates,

two Bead Board Holders, one Foam Core Holder,

two Super Clamps, two Drop Ceiling Clips,

two Stand Adapters, two Junior Grip Heads,

two 6" C-clamps w/ 5/8" Baby Pins,

two 12" Furniture Clamps w/ 5/8" Baby Pins,

two Cardellini Center Jaw Clamps,

five Safety Hangers, one 4' Step Ladder,

eight 20 lb. Sandbags, four Full Apple Boxes,

two Half Apple Boxes, two Quarter Apple Boxes,

two Pancake Apple Boxes, five #1 Grip Clips,

five #2 Grip Clips, five #3 Grip Clips,

two Furniture Pads, one 18"x24" Single Net Scrim,

one 18"x24" Double Net Scrim, one 18"x24" Silk,

two 18"x24" Solid Flags,

one 24"x36" Single Net Scrim,

one 24"x36" Double Net Scrim, one 24"x36" Silk,

two 24"x36" Solid Flags, and one 6'x6' Butterfly Set.

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Price :  $4,670.63
Sale Price:  $4,368.00
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