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Grip Starter Package

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Grip Starter Package
Manufacturer's SKU:  CG-gripstart
Product's SKU:  832

Take advantage of the huge savings on this great grip starter package. Many of the most common grip items are in this package.

It includes:

three C-Stands, one Baby Offset Arm,

one Baby Plate, one Bead Board Holder,

one Drop Ceiling Clip, one 6" C-Clamp w/ 5/8" Pins,

one 12" Furniture Clamp with Baby Pin,

one Super Clamp, one Cardellini Center Jaw Clamp,

one Safety Hanger, three 20lb Sandbags,

one Full Apple Box, one Half Apple Box,

two #2 Grip Clips, one 24"x36" Single Net Scrim,

one 24"x36" Double Net Scrim, one 24"x36" Silk,

and two 24"x36" Solid Flags.


Note: Image does not include all items in this package.


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Sale Price:  $1,170.00
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