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4Bank Ballast Break-Out Kit

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4Bank Ballast Break-Out Kit
Manufacturer's SKU:  3312
Product's SKU:  3312

4Bank Ballast Break-Out Kit:

This is a collection of equipment that allows you to take a standard Kino Flo 4-Bank Ballast, and attach 4 separate single extension lines to 4 4' bulbs. This kit is great because it allows you take your 4-Bank ballast and break the bulbs free from their 4-Bank fixture so that you can put them anywhere. This kit also comes with 4 Kino Flo Tube Holders that have a baby pins on them. You can mount to a C-Stand or any another mount. This kit expands the versatility of a 4-Bank Kino Kit.

Kit comes with:

1qty - X16-A4 4Bank Ballast to Single Splitter
4qty - X04-25 Extension, 25ft
4qty - HAR-4801 4ft Harness
4qty - 006-1709 Kino Flo Tube Holder


Note: Also available are single fixture shells that can house the bulbs.

Kino Flo
Price :  $635.00
Sale Price:  $599.00
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