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DollyMate Frontbox Plate

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DollyMate Frontbox Plate
Manufacturer's SKU:  DM-FBP
Product's SKU:  CG-DM-FBP

The Frontbox Plate is an accessory for the DollyMate-MiniMate and allows 1st ACs to use the MiniMate as a frontbox. The plate attaches to the frontbox adapter of most tripod heads just like your frontbox does now. The strong magnets in the MiniMate stick to the plate and the Velcro prevents it from sliding around. The Frontbox Plate will also hang on the lip of the top shelf of most camera carts so you can attach a MiniMate to your cart. With this plate and our Rigging Plate you can take your MiniMate with you from your camera cart, to the dolly, to sticks, to the monitor stand for remote pulling and even up high in a scissor or boom lift.
CGE Tools
Sale Price:  $36.00
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