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Shadowfoil Basic Set

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Shadowfoil Basic Set
Manufacturer's SKU:  SFBS
Product's SKU:  2551

Shadowfoil is a Portable Cucoloris system.


Basic Kit includes a custom made filing organizer and a protective plastic case.

Each foil pattern is 12” x 12”.

5 patterns included: cucoloris, blinds, small grid, large grid, ovals.


A lot of film and video work is done on location.  It is sometimes difficult to travel with enough gear to keep high production values and still keep down weight and size. One of the most common things that is compromised is lighting. Sometimes taking a cuculoris pattern isn’t practical since it adds weight, size, and requires a c-stand to be included in the package. So how do you create a lighting pattern under these conditions? We've all tried to improvise in the field, but the results are inadequate, messy, time consuming, wasteful and unprofessional. That’s why we use Shadowfoils. They bring a higher standard to the usual style of on-the-go lighting without sacrificing speed, space, materials, or weight.

Sale Price:  $50.00
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